Plan Room

Watertown Police Department


Lee McPeek, Assistant Chief of Police:

Gray Construction - Watertown Police Department 2011“The citizens of Watertown were very supportive of building a new Police Department and we are very appreciative to have such a nice facility. I attended the bid opening for the new police department and was happy to hear that a local company, Gray Construction, received the bid. I was very involved in the process from day one with Dustin Brownell and Randy Watkins from Gray Constriction. We feel that they did an excellent job of keeping us involved in the process and updating us as the project progressed. Randy and his crew went out of their way to accommodate our requests along the way. Randy did a great job of keeping the project on track and seeking our input when needed. Whenever we had a question or needed to change something they were more than accommodating. We have been in our new building for almost a year now. As with any new building you are going to have issues along the way. We have never been told, “That’s not our problem” or “We didn’t do that”. While the issues may be with a sub-contractor employed by Gray Construction, Dustin would call them and arrange for them to come and fix the issue. Anytime we have had a question or a concern they have been more than accommodating. I am encouraged to see that Gray Construction has been selected to remodel and update the uptown main Fire Department. I am sure they will do a great job for them as they have done for us.”